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Estate Sale -- Auction Date -- 2014-Feb-25
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eBay is our on-line sales location

At WagonLoads.com we occasionally put items on eBay to help get the word out about our "Bricks and Mortar" store location.

The logo to the left can be found on our "showitems" pages, where the item being viewed is listed on eBay. By clicking the "Now Listed on eBay" logo on those pages, you will go right to the eBay ad where you can start bidding.

Below is a live list of our current eBay sales. As you can see, most of the items below have the BuyItNow image, but some of them really BuyItNow/Best Offer. This means they are like a reverse auction. They start at the high end and you can offer a lower amount. You will always be beaten by someone willing to go all the way.

BuyItNow items end as soon as someone clicks the BuyItNow link and pays. So, Hurry before the item you want is picked up by someone else!
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