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WagonLoads.com: Showroom / 1980 Renault Electric Car - Lectric Leopard
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1980 Renault Electric Car - Lectric Leopard

This is a Renault LeCar that was factory converted to Electric Motor Drive Car by (U.S. Electricar Corp.) when it was new. It runs on golf cart batteries and is very quiet when driven. It has a built-in battery charging system that plugs into standard house hold AC.

The car was design to run 50 miles on a set of 16 (6 volt) batteries, but if you only install 8 batteries, it has less weight to pull around and drives faster, but not as far. Also with only 8 batteries installed, it will take less power to charge it than the 40 AMPS it took when all 16 batteries were in place...

The first time we test drove the car, it only had 8 batteries installed and the wheels spun as it took off.

===== Condition: Fair to Good =====
The car is in great condition, except for sitting in a garage for a few years. Thus, it needs to be cleaned up and the batteries need to be replaced. The discoloration on the enlarged view of hood is morning frost.

===== Specifications: =====
  • Apx. 130 original miles since new
  • 4 speed Manual Trans
  • 115 Volts AC at 40 AMPS Charging Source
  • Runs on 8 or 16 (6 volt) golfcart batteries
  • 24 or 48 Volt Battery power system to motor
  • With Manuals, etc.
  • VIN: VF1122900A0028184

Price: Donated to a worthy cause..

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