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Estate Sale -- Auction Date -- 2014-Feb-25
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Crock Pot - Bean Pot - Brown & White - Pottery
Here is a great item for the kitchen, pantry, window cill or garden. Even use it to keep paper clips in on your desk. Looks great where ever you put it or use it.

There are NO markings, or printing on this at all, so nothing to identify who, when or where it was made. Unless you use the size info below to reference it to some known pottery maker. It is still a great piece for those who collect this sort of item.

===== Condition: Great =====
There is no known damage. Could not find any: Cracks, chips, blemishes, stains, crazing or other problems associated with pottery.

===== Specifications: =====
Height: 4.00 inches .. (approx)
Height Stripe: 2.25 inches .. (approx)
Diameter: 2.75 inches .. (base)
Diameter: 1.50 inches .. (lid opening)

Price: $9.99

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