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Estate Sale -- Auction Date -- 2014-Feb-25
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WagonLoads.com: Showroom / Whites Coinmaster 2/DB Series 2
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Whites Coinmaster 2/DB Series 2 Metal Detector

This is one of the TR (Transmit/Receive) type detectors. This means that you have to tune it close to the ground to get maximum depth. Once tuned, if you lift the head off of the ground, it will buzz. The objective is to set it to a point as close to the ground as possible while still being able to scoot it along over various bumps, etc, without causing false triggers. You now have it set to find coins and other metals as deep as possible. It has a discriminator that rejects junk while letting you find coins.

Metal Detecting is a great hobby that will get you outside and on your feet. You will spend many hours of fun hunting for buried treasure. You will learn what different items sound like and the best places to find them.

This unit was tested and working prior to listing on ebay. It was able to beep over sample test coins placed on the ground. No other guarantee is provided.

Features Include:
  • (knob) Manual adjust tuning
  • (knob) Manual adjust sensitivity
  • (knob) Manual adjust discriminator
  • (Button) Auto adjust tuning
  • Headphone jack for private hunting in noisy areas or when you don't want to bother others at the park or beach
  • 8 inch TR search coil
  • Takes one 9 volt battery (included)

    Price: $77.55 SOLD ON eBay

    Listed on eBay

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